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Who will be giving the massages?

I’m Āmarśa, a 45 year old male massage therapist with eight years of experience massaging people. In my normal practice I do not massage erotically, because I do not want to mix those two distinct kinds of massage and it scares off regular customers. But I really love making people relax and I love using my other sensual skills outside my normal practice. I was asked to give my sensual massages professionally by some of my personal friends. Later I discovered tantra and skilled myself in tantric massages. I only take a few clients per year, to keep things exclusive and discreet.

“I felt things I’ve never felt before when you were touching me”

Lady client

What makes the massages so special?

Since I’ve been a massage therapist I have been told my hands can really do magic things. I have a gift for truly sensing what someone needs and expanding that need. Whenever I touch someone they instantly feel good and warm inside. It is my gift to explore women’s needs and answering those with my massage skills.My touch is loving, warm and sensual, experienced and curious. I hope you’re curious too!