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Code of conduct

Safety is one of my core values and I live it as fully as possible. Especially with something intimate like massages, either erotic or tantric, I want to be as careful as possible with this. For that reason I use a number of principles and I also offer opportunities to talk about it before or afterwards or to talk about the safety and security you experience.

  • I give my massages under your consent. This means that I ask before or during the massage which things I can and may do and which not. There are no restrictions and I will stop doing anything if you indicate so. In turn, I also indicate what my boundaries or limitations are. As a rule, anything can be present: your enjoyment and pleasure, and also your uncertainty, fear or going back on what you said before.
  • My massages are not focused on sex or sexual acts. Yes, there is certainly sexuality and sexual energy involved in my massages, but they are focused on you and I encourage you to experience, feel, experience and undergo that energy. Things will also flow and move through me, and I use my own sexual energy to please you, especially during tantric massages. But these sessions are not focused on me or my pleasure and the starting point is not my pleasure, but yours.
  • If you have any doubts, unpleasant feelings, questions or feedback, before, during the massage, or afterwards, I really encourage you to discuss this. This can be done with me, in writing, by telephone or in person, but also with the two confidential counselors listed below. Erotic and tantric massages can be exciting and require a level of vulnerability on both our part, which is important to discuss and make visible. I will also express any doubts or feelings when I feel necessary.

You can contact the two tantrikas below with questions or doubts about me or my intentions:
(I will add these soon!)