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Connected Touch

The ultimate place for a sensual and tantric massage in Leiden

Are you looking for an erotic or tantric experience and are you a woman? If yes, then we offer wonderful experiences that suit your desires.

erotic massage for ladies, erotic massage for women, tantramassage, tantric massage, Wassenaar, LeidenMy name is Āmarśa and I am a professional masseur. At Connected Touch my focus lies in giving you pleasure. I do this by giving erotic or tantric massages. A tantric massage is usually a broader experience than only a massage. It can be much more than only that. Erotic or tantric massages are both very effective and wonderfully pleasurable. I love giving either of them and have advanced myself to do so since 2019. My focus will be on relaxation, discretion and pleasure.

What’s a tantric massage?

A tantric massage or encounter is a lot more intimate than an erotic massage. What tantra means is a connected timeless moment between male sexual energy and female sexual energy. Therefor the focus isn’t on having orgasms or being pleasured, although both are possible within. In a tantric encounter almost anything is possible. Perhaps we are just talking, perhaps we’ll dance, maybe we’ll cuddle and I will probably be giving you a massage. Everything is depending on the moment, the connection between you and me and whatever comes up within those elements. A tantric encounter is therefor more intimate, and also much more satisfying than an erotic massage.

Usually both of us will be in underwear or naked, and the entire experience is focused on your pleasure. A massage of the breasts, the buttocks and the yoni are possible, but it will depend entirely on your wishes and desires. I won’t touch what you don’t want to be touched. I am very focused on creating a safe and pleasant space to be in. This I will do with my experience and openness and also my vulnerability. I will invite you in that space and will encourage you to also open your heart. I am very open to whatever may come up in the moment. Whatever your need is, I am experienced in guiding you to be in this moment.

What’s an erotic massage?

An erotic massage is literally a full body massage, including a massage of the buttocks, a breast massage and a yoni massage, all within your own wishes. It can be given both with or without an orgasm. My erotic massage is based on a relaxation massage. I will begin the massage by relaxing your whole body. Firstly I’ll focus on massaging both the back and the front of the body, where it is possible to treat any knots, injuries or anything that you and your body needs. This way the massage is not only pleasurable, but also effective. The secret to a good massage is a languorous build-up of relaxation and sensuality and not wanting to rush things. The massage I’ll give you does not only have the perfect build-up, it is also matched to your any wishes and requests.

Why should I have an erotic or tantric massage?

erotic massage, tantric massage, woman in lingerie, sexy, Both forms are perfect for any moment. Most women like to have these massages because they lack sexual contact or just want to be the centre of attention for once. Several women have told me they like to be seen as a sexual being again and surrender completely to a sexual experience.

It’s wonderful to give yourself to the moment and not having to think for a while. You’ll feel perfectly secure, loved and cared for.

How does it work?

To us it’s really important that you feel safe and respected. So if you prefer to meet and talk before the appointment, you are most welcome to do so. We can meet either in a video call or in real life. You can get to know me and you can judge if you feel alright undergoing an erotic or tantric massage. If you’re into it, we can make an appointment. I can receive you in my studio in Leiden, where I’ll set the mood with an inviting and pleasurable atmosphere. Before I’ll start, we’ll discuss your boundaries and the things you’d like me to do or not. Pleasure and sensuality guaranteed!

Interested in an erotic or tantric massage?

Contact me through the contact page.