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The Bachelorette’s Party

“What did he do to you?”
“Unbelievable, that was sooo good!”
“Who’s been to him already?”
“Aisha, Renate and Manon went before us. Fatima is the last to enter now.”
“Ooh, I wasn’t sure if she was going. She’s getting married next week!”
“Yeah, she said, It’s now or never. This is what a bachelorette’s party is for, isn’t it? One last splurge before you swear fidelity forever?”
“That’s right, but there are excesses and excesses, don’t you?”
“But what he did with his hands! I’ve never experienced that. Men sometimes touch your tits, but this was truly next level, you know.”
“Ooh yes, those tits, but don’t forget the rest. I’ve never experienced it like that. Tell me, what did he do to you?”
“I enjoyed that ass massage so much. How he kept discovering new places, his hands were everywhere.”
“Did he touch your poop hole too?”
“Honestly: wow! I’m not usually into that anal thing, but what he did there he should really come and do more often. It’s not like he went in, but his fingers suggested it. And then further down your perineum to get you touch my pussy for a second. I was so horny!”
“Honey, me too, and then he had only just begun, hahaha.”
“Did he also put his hands under your body?”
“Yes, both when lying on my stomach and on my back. That felt so exciting and good. Like he lifted you up, but with those horny hands of his.”
“And those suggestive hints too, huh?”
“What do you mean?”
“When he massages your back, but runs his fingers through your buttock or under your arms just touching the side of your breasts. Really so exciting.”
“Oddly enough I even thought it was horny when he was working with my feet. It’s something personal, you know, but I have a thing for foot massages.”
“Oh, and that moment when you were allowed to turn around. Your back and your buttocks up: super exciting, you know, but when you are completely naked on your back with a complete stranger. All kinds of shivers went through me.”
“I liked that he had indicated that he would always stop if I said so. You never know how it goes, do you?”
“Yeah, haha, but no way he had to stop, right?”
“No, haha, not for a moment!”
“I couldn’t stop enjoying what he did to my tits, that was so horny!”
“Let alone what he did to your cunt!”
“Also, that was so hot! Unbelievable!”
“His fingers along my hole. And it looked like he was jerking off my clit, that’s how it really felt. Insane!”

“Hey, there’s Fatima. Fatima, have you come yet?”
“Haha, yes, twice!”
“What, really?”
“Yeah, dude, I was so into it. Or, well, he was actually, haha.”
“Do you mean..”
“That’s between him and me. But let’s just say I didn’t have to prod him. This was truly the experience of a lifetime. Fantastic, how delicious as this was!”
“Not a bad idea Manon had, right?”
“Not the worst idea she’s ever had, no.”
“Um, which one of us is going to get married next?”
“Shall we book in advance for next time, then?”