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What is a tantric massage?

A tantric massage is a massage given from tantra. And although tantra can be described and explained in all kinds of ways, for me tantra is an invitation. An invitation to enjoy the here and now in connection, to let everything happen in the moment in an energy field wherein you can go in any direction. I am always careful to tread on the spiritual plane in my descriptions. For me, spirituality is something very earthly, namely the connection with yourself, with the other or others and with the world. From that thought and from that energy enormous joy can arise, love, passion, sadness, anger, fear, excitement. These are all energies that can flow if you really open up to the connection with yourself, with others and with the world. Therefore, feel invited to be yourself and show yourself in my massages. I don’t judge, I accept you 100% as you are, now, later and before the massage. This invitation also includes the fact that I can help you accept yourself, surrender to everything that arises and lose your ego in the moment, where you can manifest your self.

My own path

My own path to tantra started when I learned to strengthen, transform and move my sexual energy. I noticed that I could and should experience pleasure and pleasure independently of others. That independence was such a revelation that the world literally opened up for me. Nowadays I can enjoy everything and let everything come in. I can experience enormous joy from wind between my fingers, from a cloud in a beautiful shape, from a touch on my arm, from myself or from someone else, from a beautiful conversation, from creativity, but also from sadness, fear or anger , because they too have a beauty and contain a lesson within them. I can experience that joy alone, but I have also noticed that I can easily and happily share it with someone else. With my massages I hope to share my love and joy with you.


I have been a masseur since 2016 and have worked very intuitively, dancing, in connection with others, and with full attention to myself, the other and the massage. The tantra has not changed that, but enriched it, because I now give myself more in a massage. This means that I also let that joyful energy flow within me and can transfer it to you. From the tantric perspective, a lot can happen in that moment of connection. A massage is one thing, and a very nice opening to relax, come to yourself, reconnect with your body, get out of your head and let everything flow. And two, that massage can go in different directions, from very wild and sensual to loving and soft, from intense and overwhelming to babbling like a brook and ending in a close hug.
Boundaries are incredibly important in this and I guard them with my heart and soul. Nothing will happen that you don’t want and nothing that I don’t want. We celebrate and embrace our and each other’s boundaries and regard them as an invitation to other forms of expression. My limits also lie with sexual acts. Touching sexual areas can and may be part of the massage, but this will be entirely focused on you and your experience in the moment. And as for everything, touching these areas may not be your thing. If you don’t want it, I won’t do it.
A massage is not necessary, but it can and may develop into a beautiful conversation, a dance, an embrace, a meditation, a (spiritual) intoxication. Everything that happens in the moment is good. For that reason I plan in an extended end time.

Then what is an erotic massage?

I’m still considering if I should keep giving erotic massages. In some ways, an erotic massage is more accessible than a tantra massage. An erotic massage is much more focused on you, on your relaxation and pleasure and my role is much more serving than giving. In comparison, during an erotic massage I’ll be fully dressed and it will take place on a massage table. This way there is more professional distance, which some women prefer.

Although there is certainly connection and coordination, less is expected of you. An erotic massage is much more something you undergo than you are part of it. If a tantra massage goes too far, asks too much of yourself, or is perhaps too confrontational for you, then an erotic massage is a nice stepping stone. Here too, only what you want and desire happens, here too there is mutual coordination, but my role as a masseur serves your pleasure much more than the moment we create together.