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Workshop for couples

Workshop erotic or tantric massage for couples

Would you like to learn how to give an erotic or tantric massage yourself? I can teach you! In a private workshop I will teach you all the ins and outs of giving an erotic massage, so you and your partner can pleasure each other using several relaxing and stimulating techniques. It’s also possible to teach you how you can connect within a tantric encounter.

Massage is the best way to pleasure each other

So you like what you read on this site, but you’d prefer it if your partner would do the things I offer? No problem, I can teach them. And you too. In this workshop I will teach you both how to give a perfect erotic massage to each other or how to be together in a tantric way.

I’ll start with the basics of a relaxation massage, so you can massage each other anytime you’d like, soon after this we will go into how you can turn a pleasurable massage in a sensual one and even a sexual massage. I will give you all the ins and outs on how to pleasure each other and will teach you both all the tricks to stimulate men and women. Oh, and it’s no issue for me which genders you both are. Love is love and pleasure is pleasure, isn’t it?

Workshop Tantric Massage for couples

And yes, I can also teach you a tantric massage. For a part these are the same techniques, but tantra is a different approach to it. In the workshop I’ll guide you to make contact with yourself first, and from that contact to reach out to the other. In this way both your touches will have a genuinely richer texture and approach. This will allow you to connect to each other on a much deeper level and results in an intensely felt experience for the both of you.


It’s important for us that you feel safe during the workshop, so before we start we’ll discuss your and my boundaries. I am perfectly able to teach you how to touch your partner’s sensitive parts, without me touching them if that’s what you prefer. 

Location and costs

I’ll give the workshop in my studio in Leiden, since it has all the equipment we need. If you’d rather have the workshop at home, that’s possible at max 30 minutes driving from Leiden and for an extra fee. 

The cost of the workshop is €385 including VAT for a workshop of 4 hours.


Ask me anything or book a session through the contact page.